Quotes from Our Reviews

Stuck On Christmas

"Stuck on Christmas manages to be sweet, cheerful and funny without being saccharine.  One of its most winning ingredients is the endearing performance of Linda Johnson, who is heart and soul of the yuletide tonic." - Worcester Telegram & Gazette

"Michael Celularo's frothy pastiche of favorite holiday songs hung like Christmas tree ornaments on a simple story line that could have come straight from the MGM musical film factory." - Worcester Telegram & Gazette

"As someone in the audience said after the last note We Wish You a Merry Christmas" faded away, "this will take the bah humbug out of you".  Well put. - Paul Kolas - Worcester Telegram & Gazette


"It's a heartfelt show that boasts some truly impressive singing, especially from Linda Johnson, Elaine Crane and JoAnn Coran-Kiefer. - Worcester Telegram & Gazette

"Moments is a well-conceived and executed ensemble piece that gives everyone in the cast a generous spotlight. - Worcester Telegram & Gazette

"This talented group sings with the harmony of Barry Manilow's "One Voice", yielding a decidedly pleasant entertainment that uses the language of music to illuminant the cherished moments in our lives we all too often take for granted." - Worcester Telegram & Gazette

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Telegram & Gazette

Maxwell’s Refreshes With Fun

By Richard Duckett

“Maxwell’s House,” a new comedy written and performed by members of the Part Time Players made for a refreshingly full evening of good and original entertainment as it began its brief run last night. 

Judging from the keen reaction from the hundred or so in attendance at the Shrewsbury High School Auditorium, the group has built up an enthusiastic following in its short three-year history – something that is all the more rewarding since the players (an amateur ensemble consisting of people with full-time jobs in the “real world”) donate the bulk of the show’s proceeds to selected worthy causes.

In taking a departure from their usual musical revue format by staging a full-length comedy of their own making, they could definitely be said to have taken several risks. Not the least of these is that it is extremely difficult to write a comedy that can sustain itself without embarrassing all and sundry.

But “Maxwell’s House,” the fruits of a collaboration between Michael Celularo, Robin Lebeaux and Lisa Mielnicki, is very well conceived and has some legitimately funny moments.

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Letters to the Editor

Hats off to the Part-Time Players

Last Friday and Saturday evenings (October 23-24), the “Part-Time Players” of Worcester performed an original musical revue at Shrewsbury High School as a benefit for the Worcester County Ecumenical Council. It was a smash hit which brought forth a spontaneous standing ovation and numerous curtain calls from the audiences both nights.

The Part-Time Players are a group of local young people headed by Michael Celularo. Under his direction, they have been creating and performing original musical shows for several years, always as benefits for which they receive no compensation. Their singing and dancing talents have reached professional stature which is matched by their ability to stage their creations. It’s time for the community to recognize that we have a first class musical theatre organization in our midst and support it appropriately.

Hats off to the “Part-Time Players” for a wonderful evening of musical theatre!

Rev. Richard A. Hennigar

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What Audiences are Saying...

Gift of Music - "Wow!... Double Wow!  What a fine evening you treated us all to.. we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly." 

Gift of Music - "What a beautiful expression of caring your program was  such a lovely mixture of thoughts" 

Moments - "What a grand night of singing- the look ,  the voice, the passion all perfection and a memory to last forever!" 

Gift of Music - " How can I ever express my gratitude for your generosity to our MOVE program?  I am truly moved by your philanthropic spirit and desire to make a difference in someone else's life." 

"Gift of Music"

Thank you very much for your gift to UMass Memorial Health Care's M.O.V.E. Fund.  Our patients andstaff will benefit from your thoughtfulness. 

The Memorial Oncology Volunteer Effort (M.O.V.E.) was founded in 1986 and has been a welcome addition to UMassMemorial's cancer service.  M.O.V.E. is a volunteer program designed to provide support and comfort to patients with cancer, in all stages of illness. 

WIth grateful appreciation for your wonderful effort in organizing the benefit and bringing such pleasure to the audience and the M.O.V.E. program.  Your phianthropy is a great inspiration. 


Philip F. McKean, Ph.D. 
Vice President & Director of Philanthropy 
UMass Memorial Health Care - M.O.V.E. Program 

"Hats Off to Broadway"

Thank you, and the Part Time Players, for your fantastic effort on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Boston and your very generous contribution of much needed funds. 

In early September, we received a wish request from a fifteen-year-old boy with leukemia.  Freddie's wish was to go to Disney World with his entrie family of seven.  Freddie, who is also emotionally and mentally behind children of his age, lives with his parents, three sisters, and grandmother.  His parents speak mostly Spanish and have struggled to arrange for in-home education for Freddie. 

The family spends nearly all of its money on medical attention for Freddie, so, you can imagine what a five day trip to the magic land of Disney meant to them.  The wishs team particualary ctressed the Freddie's father was "overwhelemed" that Make A wish would apy for the entrie family's expenses.  As you know, our goal is to create a  wonderful, carefree experience for a child and lasting positive memories for the family.  All expenses arecovered: airline tickets, rental cars, meals, spending money, passes for attractions, film, everything necessary to make a wish memorable. 

Linda, your generosity, enthusiasm, and kindness to Make-A-WIsh and to Freddie helped make this wish possible.  If you, or other members of your terrific cast, would like to become further involved with Make-A-Wish, please call me. 

WIth most sincere thanks, 

Robert Cox 
FUndraising Co-Chairman 
Make a Wish Foundation of Greater Boston