Letters to the Editor

Hats off to Part-Time Players

On Saturday evening, Feb. 25, my husband and I attended “Hats Off to Broadway” at the Mechanics Hall in Worcester.

This show was put on by the local Part Time Players, a small local group of energetic and talented people. The show consisted of highlights from many Broadway shows performed in song and dance. All proceeds were donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. There were about 500 people in the audience.

I was disappointed that there was no mention of this show in the Sunday or Monday newspaper. I guess good news doesn’t make the papers.

I would like to congratulate these kids, who have put on other shows in the past for charitable causes. I would also like to thank them for a most enjoyable evening of entertainment. Hats off to the Part Time Players.

Florence Rucho – Worcester

To the Editor:

In this day and age when bad news is what we hear and read about most often, it is refreshing to know that good things do happen and people do care.

On Nov. 28, I had the privilege of attending “Anonymous Invitation” a Broadway musical revue presented by the Part Time Players in the Little Theater at Worcester Auditorium.

The show combined the creative talents of Michael and Linda Celularo, who planned, organized and directed it, with the musical talents of a cast of 14 who treated the audience to an array of songs from Broadway’s best-loved shows. The presentation was terrific and played to a full house.

Many people might not be aware that the production was done as a benefit for the Worcester Committee on Homelessness and Housing. Through the efforts of the Part Time Players and numerous friends and supporters, the group was able to raise $2,144 to help the homeless of Worcester. I applaud its work and offer a sincere thank you for a job well done. 


Dear Part-Time Players:

On behalf of the Charlton PTA we wish to express our delight in having you perform “Hat’s Off to Broadway” for our community on March 8 and 9. It was a privilege for us to sponsor a show of the high caliber and talent which you demonstrated.

Your performance was truly memorable for the residents of Charlton and we have heard only praise for the entertainment which you provided. Perhaps the highest compliment which can be given to your company of performers is that people who do not typically appreciate plays or music thoroughly enjoyed your show. Without doubt your musical revue was one of the finest performances we have viewed.

We appreciate your donation of time and talents to benefit the Charlton PTA. Proceeds from this event will be used to bring additional cultural programs to the children in the schools and assist in the purchasing of equipment for the libraries.

We would certainly welcome the opportunity to have you return to Charlton in the spring of 1992 and obe more time delight our community with your performance.

Again our expression of gratitude for your donation and for the exciting and superb evening of entertainment.


Debra B. Perry & Karen Boland